Chalte Chalte

Geeta had fallen in love with a young man and both wanted to get married and start a family of their own. Before that could happen, the young man tragically passes away, leaving a devastated and shocked Geeta, who would eventually lose her senses and be confined in a mental hospital. Years later, Geeta recovers. After she gets discharged from the hospital she learns that the man she thought was dead is still alive and calls himself Ravi. She also learns that Ravi was in love with a lovely young woman named Asha. Unable to deal with this new reality, Geeta decides to make Ravi her own, when she fails, she is re-confined in the mental hospital. Then Ravi decides to travel abroad, leaving Asha alone. After Ravi leaves, Geeta enters into the house and tries to throw Asha out as she believes that Asha was the cause of why her lover has lost interest in her.

Genre : Drama,romance Language : Hindi