Chandamama Kathalu

Saradhi (Kishore) desperately needs 5 lacs to save his daughter from a chronic disease. He begins writing a novel with seven storylines. Lisa Smith (Lakshmi Manchu) is a super model whose career is on the verge of an end. Venkateswara Rao's (Krishnudu) only aim in life is to find a girl. Ashraf (Abhijeet) owns a small departmental store and longs to marry his childhood sweetheart, Haseena (Richa Panai). Raghu (Chitanya Krishna) makes Renu (Shamili) fall in love with him. She is the daughter of a noted politician. A beggar (played by Krishneswara Rao) wants to buy a small house. Widow Saritha (Aamani) connects with her divorcee NRI friend Mohan (Naresh). Raghu (Naga Shourya) is meanwhile head over heels in love with Gauri (Isha Ranganath).

Genre : Drama Language : Telugu