Humara Dil Aapke Paas Hai

Humara Dil Aapke Paas Hai revolves around the life of a rape victim, Preeti(Aishwarya Rai). Now, a disgrace to her family, she is turned away from her house after the sexual assault. But she finds shelter with another do-gooder, Avinash(Anil Kapoor), who even takes her to his apartment. Preeti Virat is a young, vivacious and naive woman. She comes forward as a witness to heinous assault carried by Bhavani Choudhry and his men on a person who owes them money. The injured man is helped to the hospital by Preeti and a courteous man called Avinash (Anil Kapoor), who holds strong morals and values. Preeti's testimony angers the Choudhry family and, as a result, Choudhry's brother rapes her. Subsequently, she becomes a disgrace to her own family. Disowned by her family and secluded by society, she leaves her house with nowhere to go. She finds shelter with Avinash, who takes her to his home. The two live well together as friends but this act invites a social opprobrium and strong uproar over both of them, and there is no other solution but marriage. They soon fall in love, and Avinash decides to ask Preeti for her hand in marriage. She refuses as she considers herself unworthy of him, and Avinash respects her decision. When Avinash's childhood friend Khushi (Sonali Bendre) returns from America, she tries to win his heart, as she is very much in love with him. This arouses jealousy in Preeti, and she realizes the depth of her love for Avinash. After encountering several obstacles, Avinash and Preeti finally declare their love for each other and get married.

Genre : Drama Language : Hindi