Starring Rajinikanth in the lead roles, 'Lingaa' is the story of a small-time thief who learns life transforming lessons from his grandfather's life. Lingaa, is a descedent of Raja Lingeswaran, the ruler of the erstwhile princely state of Kodiyur and a civil services officer. Raja Lingeswaran is an altruist who built a dam in his village for the better living conditions of the villagers. The construction of this dam faced oppositions from the Britishers. Britishers misled the villagers by telling them that Lingeswaran was their spy and would hand over the dam and the village to Britishers once the work was completed. The villagers then retaliate against their King and throw him out of the village. Later, when they realize that they were misguided by the Britishers, they search for their king. They see their Raja and his wife living in poverty. They try to convince their Raja to return to the village but are unsuccessful. The villagers keep the Shiva temple built along with dam but it remains shut until a descendant of Raja or Raja himself opens it.

Genre : Drama,action Language : Hindi