Daanish (Dhanush) is born in a small village, and is deaf and mute. His madness for cinema brings him to Mumbai where he meets the assistant director working on film, Akshara Pandey (Akshara Haasan). She is impressed by his talent but is unable to help him. They stumble upon a holy grail when her father recommends Daanish to his friend in Finland, who tells them about a new technology that allows mute people to speak through someone else's voice. Daanish and Akshara reach out to Amitabh Sinha (Amitabh Bachchan), a failed actor and a drunkard, in search of a voice for Daanish. After a series of ifs and buts, Amitabh agrees to be Daanish's voice. Soon Daanish becomes a star under the name 'Shamitabh' and the friction caused by an ego tussle grows between the two. A journalist finds out the truth and threatens to expose the trio. Daanish and Amitabh settle their differences and decide to tell the truth to everyone. However, they meet with an unfortunate accident that changes their story, forever.

Genre : Drama Language : Hindi