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A Love Story Uncensored - Finale Episode 85 - Oct 14, 2017 - Full Episode

Ilmaz reaches the hosptal and hides himself when he sees Ceylan. While, Ceylan gets her reports from the nurse, Ilmaz puts on the coat meant for the doctors. Later, Gonul calls up Ceylan and informs her that Korkut's life is in danger. Ilmaz enters the room where Korkut is laying unconscious and at the same time. By now, Tolga leaves his mother and prepares to leave on his mission to save Korkut. However, just when Tolga turns his back, he falls to the ground and passes away. Will Ilmaz succeed in bringing an end to Korkut?

Serial: A Love Story Uncensored
Telecast Date: 11th November 2017
Episode Number: 85
Available on: