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Anjarai Petti - Episode 372 - August 11, 2017 - Full Episode

Welcome to this one of a kind cooking show in which you get to learn four new dishes every day. The show kicks off with host Chitra and Mrs. Anuradha preparing 'Parangikai Omelette' for the first segment. This is followed by the second segment of the show in which Chitra invites Ms. Arulmozhi to share their special recipe 'Manathakkali Keerai Biryani' with the viewers. In the third segment, host Madan takes charge as he explores different regions and restaurants for a new dish and discovers 'Pala Pinju Varuval' made by Mrs. Maheshwari. Lastly, Chef Denna engages with the audience and shares his special recipe 'Makhani Matar' in the fourth segment.

Serial: Anjarai Petti
Telecast Date: 11th August 2017
Episode Number: 372
Available on: