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Apno Ke Liye Geeta Ka Dharma Yudh May 06

About the show

Apno ke liye Geeta ka Dharmyudh is the story of Geeta (Sargun Mehta) who stands up for truth and saves her family from being ruined because of the misuse of Sec 498A which aims to protect women from domestic violence and abuse.Geeta is the youngest daughter of the Bhagat family and has been brought up in a loving and secure environment. She lives with her mentally unstable father Markandey, paternal uncle Dr Arvind, aunt Manorama and cousins Vishal and Rahul. Vishal, a doctor by profession, is married to Karuna. Rahul aspires to become an IAS officer and moves Delhi to prepare for the examinations.The story unfolds to its dramatic events when Rahul meets Kamya, the spoilt daughter of a shrewd and cunning socialite Malini Yadav. Rahul falls in love and ends up marrying Kamya due to Malini's pressure.Malini pulls the strings and Kamya like her puppet starts ruining the well-earned reputation of the Bhagat family. Kamya claims that she is a victim of domestic violence and abuse and lands her in-laws in jail as per IPC Sec 498A which aims to protect women being ill-treated by the family they are married into. Malini and Kamya's hidden agenda is to usurp the Bhagat property and money and lead a life of luxury.This is when a meek and timid Geeta decides to take the biggest and bravest decision of her life. She decides to marry Malini's younger son Prince and teach Malini and Kamya a lesson by standing up for the truth.Will Geeta succeed in restoring her family's pride and bringing to light the misuse of a law that aims to protect Indian women?

Serial: Apno ke liye Geeta ka Dharmyudh
Telecast Date:
Episode Number: 110
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