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Apur Sangsar - Episode 57 - June 4, 2017 - Full Episode

About the show

Zee Bangla launches the first sketch comedy show in Bengali TV, ‘Apur Sangsar’ – conducted by Saswata Chatterjee (Bob Biswas from Kahani fame). It is a family circus where there are neither lions nor jokers yet you shall swing in the trapeze of laughter. Apu’s family includes Sarbojaya, the widowed mother of three sons who is obsessed with Dev the Superstar and in prayers she chants that her eldest son Apu, a bank employee be like him. Whereas the youngster sons Topu, an aspiring poet and Dipu, a filmstar by heart, are both unemployed. To add to it Apu’s wife, Sharmila, is an aspiring actress who got married to Apu just because he stays close to the film studios. Last but not the least the garnishing comes in the form of Dhananjoy, the male help in the house, who is always upto never ending mischief. In addition Celebrity Guests will be present in every episode to add on to the comedy confusion.

Serial: Apur Sangsar
Telecast Date: Thu-Sat 9.30 PM
Episode Number: 57
Available on: