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Babul Ki Duaein - Episode 95 - September 10, 2016 - Full Episode

About the show

Babul Ki Duaein is a story of a father and his seven daughters Lahori Ram, has brought up his daughters - Santosh, Dinky, Bala, Guddi, Bunty, Munni, and Totey with love and affection. He has also been a mother to them, while still continuing to be a man of strong values and traditions. Even though in certain ways he is unconventional, he brought them up within the confines of strict middle class morality. The girls share their happiness, grief, love, admiration towards their father and always hope to never hurt him. However they get married into families with different cultures and backgrounds. The story revolves around their struggles to adjust into different families. A bond of love and trust between a father and his daughters can last through the most trying of situations. But how long can they withstand the pressures of society? Will their relationships fall to pieces or with their love prevail over all the circumstances

Serial: Babul Ki Duaein
Telecast Date: Starts 23rd May Mon-Sat 7.00 PM
Episode Number: 95
Available on: