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Bakshobodol - Episode 164 - January 7, 2018 - Full Episode

About the show

Zee Bangla brings to you a cute love story of Balram & Tip who are as different as chalk & cheese. Balram Bandopadhyay - a modern day Shraban Kumar of Ramayana. His life’s motto is to be the ideal son. He is focused and tireless in his pursuit to keep his parents always happy. The family sets out regularly to travel for pilgrimage. On one of their journeys, our protagonist Balram Bandopadhyay gets into an argument with a girl called Tip, a beautiful modern city-bred girl. As destiny would have it, Tip and Balaram’s luggage gets switched coincidentally, and from there on begins a life changing journey for Balram Bandopadhyay. He Meets Tip, who he initially thought of as spoilt and snobby, gets to see a completely different side to Tip. A story initiated by identical travel bags starts off a new phase of exchange of hearts.

Serial: Bakshobodol
Telecast Date: Mon-Sun 7.00 PM
Episode Number: 164
Available on: