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Bin Kuch Kahe - Episode 30 - March 17, 2017 - Full Episode

Nikhil informs all that he has got engaged and is late for dinner as he was at his engagement party. While everyone is surprised, Riya is overwhelmed by the news. Nikhil, however decides to have the dinner with Myra's family and they all have dinner together in between the existing tension between Riya and Nikhil. Later, Myra talks to Nikhil and questions him as to why he had taken the hasty step of getting engaged. Nikhil informs Myra that he is aware of Riya's relationship with Kabir and adds that it was pointless for him to wait for Riya. Nikhil, however, is shocked to learn that Kabir is only their tenant and there is nothing between Riya and Kabir. Watch Bin Kuch Kahe to know more.

Serial: Bin Kuch Kahe
Telecast Date: 17th March 2017
Episode Number: 30
Available on: