Boys Over Flowers - Episode 35 - Aug 11, 2017 - Full Episode

Everyone gathers in Jun Pyo’s room as he regains his consciousness but Jun Pyo shocks everybody by denying to know Jandi. Doctor explains that he is suffering from partial amnesia. Through this all, Jan-di continues to visit Jun-pyo, trying not to let her disappointment show when he fails to recognize her. Yumi another patient at the hospital gets friendly with Jandi and Jun pyo in the hospital. Meanwhile F3 try to figure out how to get Jun-pyo’s memory back.They try various options but fail. Jun Pyo is under impression that Jandi is Ji Hoo’s girlfriend. Yumi takes an advantage get close to Jun Pyo. She even lies to Jun Pyo claiming that she made lunch for him which was actually prepared by Jandi. Later even after getting discharged, Jun Pyo spends time with yumi and Jandi is hurt. Ji Hoo encourages Jandi not to give up. Later again when Yumi prepares egg rolls for Jun Pyo, he realizes that it’s not same which he had liked. Yumi gets upset but later Jun Pyo convinces her. F3 and Jandi get a party invitation from Yumi and they are shocked.

Serial: Boys Over Flowers
Telecast Date: 11th August 2017
Episode Number: 35
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