Boys Over Flowers - Episode 36 - Aug 12, 2017 - Full Episode

Yumi draws everyone’s attention to make a big announcement: She and Jun-pyo are going to study abroad together to the States. They will leave in one month. Ji-hoo leads Jan-di away from the crowd to the pool, where he leaves her while for a moment to get her a drink. Alone, Jan-di takes out her star-moon necklace, just as Jun-pyo walks by. As soon as he sees her, Jun-pyo turns to leave, but Jan-di asks if he remembers the necklace she’s holding, or the names engraved on it.Jun Pyo clears he doesn’t know. Jandi then jumps in the pool. Memory now back in full force, Jun-pyo pulls her to safety, where he tries to revive her. Everybody is happy that Jun Pyo and Jandi are back. Everybody is happy at the graduation party and on the other hand Jun Pyo has planned surprise for Jandi. Jandi and Jun Pyo then seriously talk about their future and follow their dreams. After fulfilling their dreams, F4 and Jandi are together where Jun Pyo proposes Jandi.

Serial: Boys Over Flowers
Telecast Date: 12th August 2017
Episode Number: 36
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