Shreya Bugade as Shreya Bugade
Shreya Bugade Played by Shreya Bugade

Sarpanch's daughter - a typical village girl. She is a close friend of Kushal's and always barges in between with the hope of finding her Prince Charming. .

Bhalchandra Kadam as Bhalchandra Kadam
Bhalchandra Kadam Played by Bhalchandra Kadam

Nilesh's father. He has a weak memory. Mostly confuses with people's name. The fun begins when he tries to find his late wife in every other woman he meets. .

Kushal Badrike as Kushal Badrike
Kushal Badrike Played by Kushal Badrike

Nilesh's twin brother. He is a big movie buff and obsessed with pursuing acting as a career. He uses his mimicry prowess to impress the celebrities. .

Sagar Karande as Sagar Karande
Sagar Karande Played by Sagar Karande

Is portraying role of an overdramatic lavani queen. .

Bharat Ganeshpure as Bharat Ganeshpure
Bharat Ganeshpure Played by Bharat Ganeshpure

Being 'Sarpanch' of the village he has allocated space to Nilesh to conduct the show. The hidden intention of his generosity is to find the groom for his only daughter Shreya Bugade. .