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Choti Bahu Aug 25 Episode Video

In the August 25 episode of Choti Bahu aired on Zee TV, Dev defends Radhika and states that she was not at fault. He adds that Barkha has done them a huge favor by getting them married. Dev asserts that Radhika had agreed to the marriage only because Barkha assured them that Rajpurohit had agreed for the marriage.To everyone's shock, Maheshwari appears there and accuses Barkha of locking her up in the room as she had learnt that Radhika was marrying Dev. Maheshwari holds Radhika responsible for betraying the Purohit family.Unable to bear the trauma, Rajpurohit suddenly experiences a shooting pain in the chest. Radhika rushes to help him but he stops her from coming near him.Barkha is shocked when Mohini informs her that Rajpurohit has taken ill after learning the truth. Barkha rushes to the Purohit residence.Daimaa refuses to support Dev and Radhika and states that she will not go against the wish of Rajpurohit. She too refuses to accept their marriage. Radhika holds herself responsible for the differences between Daimaa and Dev.

Serial: Choti Bahu
Telecast Date: 25th August 2011
Episode Number:
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