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Choti Bahu Jan 31 Episode Video

In the previous episode, Radhika arrived at the hospital to meet Dev with the four essential elements of human body. Radhika is worried when she sees Dev's condition. She panics when Dev's health suddenly begins to deteriorate. Meanwhile, Barkha arrives at the hospital. She tries to enter Dev's room but is unable to open the door. She peeps inside the room through the glass and notices someone with Dev but the image of the person is unclear. Barkha is surprised when she sees the family sleeping outside Dev's room. Lord Krishna had used his super natural powers due to which the family had fallen fast asleep.The demon embodied in Vishwanath's form too gets surprised when Barkha informs him about it. He realizes that Radhika was using her super natural powers. Vishwanath, however, vows to kill Radhika by initiating Asuri Mahayagya. He explains that the Mahayagya will enable him to get special powers to kill Radhika. He adds that he had to accomplish the Mahayagya in the den on the mountain till the following morning. Radhika requests Lord Krishna to tell her about the fifth element, which is essential to prepare the medicine to save Dev's life. She reminds him that he had assured to tell her about the fifth element at the right time. The Almighty declares that the fifth element was fire. He asserts that if Radhika failed to get the fifth element by the following morning, Dev may die. Lord Krishna states that Radhika would find the fifth element in the den, which is on the mountain. The den is the same place where Vishwanath has planned to perform Asuri Mahayagya. Meanwhile, Vishwanath performs the Asuri Mahayagya in the den to get rid of Radhika and her powers.Balram fears that the demon may endanger Radhika's life. Lord Krishna pacifies Balram and explains to him that Radhika had to defeat the demon in order to save Dev's life. He adds that Radhika would manage to get the fifth element only after she kills Vishwanath. Balram gets worried and reminds Lord Krishna that Vishwanath had special powers due to which no one can kill him. Balram requests Lord Krishna to save Radhika and Dev.

Serial: Choti Bahu
Telecast Date: 31st January 2012
Episode Number:
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