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Choti Bahu July 1 Episode Video

In the July 1 episode of Choti Bahu aired on Zee TV, Rohan whips out his revolver; however, Dev manages to flee. Rohan manages to corner Dev and shoots him. Rohan forcefully tries to take a shattered Radhika with him and asserts that now that Dev was dead, she would be his forever. Destiny favors Dev and he is found be miraculously alive inspite of the rounds fired at him. He manages to hit Rohan and severely injures him even as Rohan tries to drag Radhika. Radhika's joy knows no bounds seeing Dev alive. She gives him support and the duo flees. Viraat is shocked to see Rohan severely injured and lying down unconscious. He fathoms that Dev and Radhika must have not escaped too far and asks the policemen to go after them.Radhika and Dev come across a medical camp in the vicinity. Incidentally, Radhika meets her childhood friend Barkha there. When the police come looking for the absconding couple, Barkha does not let them in and lies that she has not seen anyone around. After the police leave, Barkha tells Radhika that she is a trained physiotherapist and administers medical aid to Dev.

Serial: Choti Bahu
Telecast Date: 1st July 2011
Episode Number:
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