Descendants of the Sun - Episode 9 - February 17, 2017 - Full Episode

Descendants of the Sun is a story about a special forces officer Yoo Shijin and a surgeon Kang Moyon. It's love at first sight for Shijin when he meets this beautiful doctor Moyon. But even before their love story can begin, they are separated because of their contrasting ideologies - Shijin, as a soldier, kills to protect lives while Moyon, as a doctor, honors the hippocratic oath and tries to save lives. Destiny plays an important role as after almost a year of having parted ways, Moyon and Shijin meet at a warzone in Uruk, a land far from Seoul, South Korea. Inspite of having parted ways, destiny has other plans for them as circumstances keep bringing them face to face time and again. Will love rekindle between Shijin and Moyon once again or will they dispose what destiny has proposed?

Serial: Descendants of the Sun
Telecast Date: 17th February 2017
Episode Number: 9
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