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Detective 2015 - Episode 60 - December 5, 2015 - Full Episode

About the show

Detective means a person who has profound intuition, has inimitable sense of investigation, dares to bring the truth alive. Detective 2015 is a reality show of Zee Bangla to discover the detective within you. What makes a great detective - observation skills, power of deduction, critical thinking ability, logical reasoning skill and mental ability. Zee Bangla asks Bengalis - Do you have this ability within you? This time Zee Bangla comes up with this innovative, interesting reality show for Bengal's all hidden daring talents & IQ's to reveal themselves. A platform for all men and women across age groups to stimulate their brains and discover the passionate investigative trait within. There will be some interesting rounds to test one's observational skills, testing one's deduction power, testing critical thinking ability, testing logical reasoning skill, testing mental ability and finally, case solving to reveal the true detective.

Serial: Detective 2015
Telecast Date: Sat 10:00 PM
Episode Number: 60
Available on: