Mansi Shrivastav as Shivani Rana
Shivani Rana Played by Mansi Shrivastav

Shivani Rana: Our Protagonist- Shivani Rana was born and raised in Jaipur. She belongs to a super-rich Rajasthani family on the fringes of royalty. In the beginning of our story, she is about 20 years of age. She lost both her parents in a plane crash when she was just a toddler. After that, she was brought up by her paternal grandfather, whom she affectionately calls 'Daaju' (her own variant of 'Dadaji'). Owing to an overtly-protected upbringing by her obsessive grandfather, Shivanii has been totally unaware of the harsh realities of the real world outside..

Alok Nath as Balwant Rana
Balwant Rana Played by Alok Nath

Balwant Rana is 70 years old. He belongs to a super-rich Rajasthani family on the fringes of royalty. He's a righteous old man. A widower, and having lost his only son and bahu in a plane crash, he has brought up his grandchildren Jaswant and Shivani with utmost love and care..

Rucha Guajrati as Mahima Rana
Mahima Rana Played by Rucha Guajrati

Mahima Rana: The 23-year-old Vimmi is Jaswant's wife. Having seen ups and downs of her businessman father, today she's a very shrewd young woman with a keen sense of how to keep up a comfortable life. It does not matter to her whether the means are ethical or otherwise, as long as her goals are achieved.

Arhaan Behl as Raghu
Raghu Played by Arhaan Behl

Raghu: For the past several years, Raghu has been working as a personal assistant to the rich Balwant Rana Shivani's grandfather. He's been Ranaji's errand boy, personal assistant and bodyguard, all rolled into one. For Raghu, Ranaji is God, and he devotedly strives to do anything, everything and often more than what Ranaji expects him to do. In return, Ranaji also gives him a lot of importance in his everyday dealings, and has a lot of faith in him.

Akshat Gupta as Abhimanyu
Abhimanyu Played by Akshat Gupta

Abhimanyu: The 25-year-old Abhimanyu was born in a Delhi-based trader family. His late paternal grandfather and the Jaipur-based Balwant Rana were friends, and subsequently their sons, Abhimanyu's father and Jaswant-Shivani's father, became business partners. When Abhimanyu was 11 years old, his parents (along with Jaswant-Shivani's parents) died in a plane crash. Abhimanyu and Shivani are getting married in the beginning of the show..