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Dweep Jwele Jai - Episode 564 - March 4, 2017 - Full Episode

About the show

'Dweep Jwele Jai' is an inspiring story of a simple girl named 'Diya' who overcomes several hurdles to achieve her dreams. Set against the backdrop of Badminton, the story celebrates the power of women and their aspirations. Diya is a gifted Badminton player who is also an achiever. She dreams to becoming a world champion in Badminton. With these dreams in mind, Diya sets out to achieve them in Kolkata. Here she meets Arjo. Arjo is an accomplished badminton player but failed to succeed in the field. He decides to train Diya. Arjo wishes to live his unfulfilled dreams through Diya's achievements. Here starts an amazing journey of Diya and Arjo towards achieving their goals. With such a powerful concept, the story promises to inspire millions of women to strive and win over all odds to achieve their dreams in life. So get ready to witness an inspiring story of achievement & redemption of a girl with a humble background and her soulmate as they pursue their dreams and achieve the impossible.

Serial: Dweep Jwele Jai
Telecast Date: Mon - Sat 7:00 PM
Episode Number: 564
Available on: