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Eii Chhele Ta Bhelbhele Ta - Episode 478 - July 23, 2017 - Full Episode

About the show

Zee Bangla brings a sweet young love story – Eii Chhele Ta Bhelbhele Ta. The name has been taken from common Bengali childhood rhyme. It truly captures the free-spirited love and chemistry between the protagonists So get ready to witness the sweet and beautiful teenage love story! A teenage love story between Shujon, a city bred boy and Shaaji, a village girl. Shaaji meets Shujon during a wedding in their village. It was Shujon’s first visit to their ancestral village. He instantly falls in love with this new world and with the charming Shaaji. Life takes a turn when Shaaji’s marriage fixed and the last moment, the groom dies. Due to these circumstances, Shujon ends up marrying Shaaji. What happens when the simple village girl Shaaji enters the modern, city-bred Shujon’s life? Will their love story take a new turn? ‘Eii Chhele Ta Bhelbhele Ta’ is a tale of love, which follows the protagonists through myriad of situations and sees them unite against all odds.

Serial: Eii Chhele Ta Bhelbhele Ta
Telecast Date: Mon-Sat 6.30 PM
Episode Number: 478
Available on: