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Ek Mutthi Aasmaan Episode 110 - January 24, 2014

Kalpi gets into a problem, as she wants twenty thousand rupees to give it to the sir. She sells her laptop and collects some money, but she hasn't enough to give it to sir. She cries on her situation and calls her friends for help. She has also a fear, what, when Kamla Maa will get to know all this. She goes to meet Sir and gives him money, and promises him to give the rest of money in the evening. Sir says her, that he will attach those three sheets only after getting full payment. Later, When Kalpi reaches home, Pakiya asks her about her laptop. She tells a lie to all, that she forgot it somewhere. Kamla Maa tells that she should be more careful for all her belongings. On the other hand, Pakhi prays God, that Kalpi should pass in the exam. Suddenly she saws Raghav next to her and feels happy. Later, Sir comes to Kalpi's chowl and she gets shocked to see him. She goes to meet him and asks for the reason. He says he came there for rest of the money. To know in detail, watch this complete episode.

Serial: EK Mutthi Aasmaan
Telecast Date: 24th January 2014
Episode Number: 110
Available on: