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Chhoti Si Zindagi - Episode 183 - 09-12-2011

In the previous episode, Revathi trained her gun at Isha, however Ira quickly pushed Isha away and bore the gunshot. Shravan, Samarth, Daimaa and Girish are left shocked to witness the scene. Isha cries in plight at losing her beloved sister. However, everyone is relieved when Ira gains consciousness and opens her eyes. Ira tells Isha that the amulet, which she had put in her neck, saved her. Isha tells Ira that she must not put her life in danger in the future for her sake. The police arrive and arrest Revathi on charges of attempt to murderIsha tells Samarth that Revathi will realize her mistake since she was arrested and punished for her deeds. Isha says that God helped them and hence they must perform an arti to thank God for showering his blessings on them. Both Isha and Ira perform the arti. Young Isha and Ira too perform the arti and pray to God to always keep them united. Ira tells Shravan that they will always be together. Samarth too tells Isha that they will ever get separated. The story takes an interesting turn, when a certain woman vows to ruin the happiness of both the families.

Serial: Ek Nayi Choti Si Zindagi
Telecast Date: 12th December 2011
Episode Number: 184
Available on: