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Chhoti Si Zindagi - Episode 184 - 12-12-2011

Isha and Ira get surprised when Girish informs them that both Shravan and Samarth are preparing breakfast for them in the kitchen. Shravan tells Ira that he decided to prepare the breakfast since he did not want to disturb her while she was asleep. Ira blushes when Shravan states that she looked beautiful while asleep. Ira gets upset as Shravan has to travel to Kolhapur for some work. She gets irritated when Shravan informs her that would return after three days. Shravan explains that has to urgently leave or else the loan which he had applied for will get cancelled. Isha, Ira, Samarth, Daimaa and Girish get apprehensive when they hear a little boy crying at the door. On enquiring with the child, they learn that the child came along with his mother to meet his family. Girish goes outside to check on the child's mother but fails to find anyone. The child tells everyone that his mother has told him that they are his family. The kid naively states that his father stayed in that house.When Isha tries to enquire with the kid about his parents, the child asks Isha about her father. Isha gets emotional and states her father had left her and Ira when they were kids. The kid tells Isha to give him some food as he was hungry. Isha gets surprised when the child points out to Samarth and addresses him as his father. Later, the kid states that he was joking about Samarth being his father. He adds that like him, his father, would also be smart and talented. Ira notices that the kid's eating habits were similar Shravan's. Ira comes to a conclusion that Shravan was the child's father.

Serial: Ek Nayi Choti Si Zindagi
Telecast Date: 13th December 2011
Episode Number: 185
Available on: