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Chhoti Si Zindagi - Episode 187 - 15-12-2011

In the previous episode, Revathi tricks the police inspector and escapes from custody. Meanwhile, Isha and Ira find a childhood image of them taken at a fair posing with a man whose face is not seen in the photograph. Isha recollects that the photograph was taken with their father when he had taken the two sisters to the village fair.In the last episode of Ek Nayi Chhoti Si Zindagi, Revathi who has escaped police custody manages to kidnap the child from Ojha house. When Daimaa and Girish realize the kidnapping, they immediately call up Samarth and ask him to come back home with Isha and Ira. The woman who had left the child in Isha and Ira's custody talks to a man and asks him if the sisters must have figured out who the child was. Suddenly, the woman sees the child being forcibly taken in a car. She calls out to him but is unable to stop the car. Distraught the man and woman barge inside Ojha house. The woman asks Isha and Ira where the child was and who took him. She says that the child's name was Govinda. Isha and Ira are surprised to hear her. Daimaa understands the situation and reasons it for Isha and Ira. She explains that the child's name was Govinda, another name of Lord Krishna, just like that of the child's father. Isha is about to crack the puzzle when a man enters and utters the name 'Shyam'. The man is none other than Isha and Ira's estranged father Shyam who had years back abandoned them at Sanskar orphanage. The two sisters rush to their father and embrace him. The woman introduces Shyam as Govinda's father and Govinda as Isha and Ira's half brother. Just then, the phone rings. The call is from Revathi asking Isha to take back the police complaint against her in lieu of her brother. Isha agrees to all of Revathi's demands and requests her to not harm Govind in any way. Samarth realizes that the all throughout Revathi's call they could hear a train announcement for a Mumbai local. Intermittently, they could even hear temple bells ringing. Daimaa realizes that the place from where Revathi was calling was Vasai as the railway station had a temple nearby. Everyone rushes to Vasai and manages to track down Revathi's hideout. When Revathi orders her men to shoot Isha, Shyam overpowers them. Samarth too bravely fights them off. The police arrive in time and arrest Revathi and the goons. Isha and Ira are thus happily reunited with Shyam, their step-mother and half brother Govind. Samarth, Shravan, Daimaa and Girish too join in their celebrations.

Serial: Ek Nayi Choti Si Zindagi
Telecast Date: 16th December 2011
Episode Number: 188
Available on: