Drashti Dhami as Gayatri
Gayatri Played by Drashti Dhami

Gayatri a 21 year old daughter of the state's wealthiest money-lender, who unlike girls of her generation, learnt to read and write from her brother's old textbooks. She is a kind of person who makes lemonade when life hands her lemons. Gayatri falls in love with the King of Amerkot - Rana Indravadan Singh..

Siddhant Karnik as Rana Indravadhan Singh Rao
Rana Indravadhan Singh Rao Played by Siddhant Karnik

Ranaji is an intense and brooding King of the royal family of Amerkot. Once a happy, carefree man, he is now a deeply scarred war hero who went to England to join the fight in the World War. Accomplished in all princely pursuits, he also loves music and plays the piano to express his emotions. Ranaji is highly ethical and never tolerates injustice..

Anita Raj as Rajmata Priyamvada
Rajmata Priyamvada Played by Anita Raj

She is a 55 year old mother of Ranaji Indravadan Singh. Her young teenage son became the king and she has to watch over her shoulder at all times to protect his interests. Rajmata is modern in her way of living. She loves the finer things of life and is a shopaholic..

Akshay Anand as Chandravardan Singh Deo
Chandravardan Singh Deo Played by Akshay Anand

Chandravardan Singh Deo is the main antagonist. He is from the Royal family of Amerkot and is traditional in his approach and appearance and is ever seen in modern attire. However, he secretly fancies the western way of life and the freedom it offers and often gets them fulfilled secretly through his British associates..

Moon Bannerrjee as Damyanti
Damyanti Played by Moon Bannerrjee

She is a 48 year old a homely woman and wife of Seth Govind Das who manages the entire Seth household. Damayanti's major worry is the marriage of her daughter who in that time and era is way past her eligible age and is unlikely to get a husband. She knows that after both she and her husband are gone, her daughters-in-law will not take care of Gayatri..

Darshan Zariwala as Seth Govind Das
Seth Govind Das Played by Darshan Zariwala

He is a very wealthy money lender and has a major business in wholesale food grains and other trading items. He is the one who has been financing the royal household for a long time now. Seth Govind Das is a shrewd and calculative businessman but his biggest worry is the marriage of his daughter Gayatri..

Puneet Sharma as Lakhan
Lakhan Played by Puneet Sharma

Lakhan is a Casanova kind of character who is a hero in his local tavern. He will create a new romantic angel in the show as he enters Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani from 2nd of Nov..