Sonali Nikam as Suman
Suman Played by Sonali Nikam

Suman is the female lead of the show, married at a young age of 18 to Ravi Kumar Agarwal. But unfortunately she faces the demise of her husband shortly after the birth of their first child at the age of 19. Now she is left behind with her widowed mother in-law and her two unmarried daughters and a child of her own, Veer. She not only takes care of all the relationships at home but is also the sole breadwinner of the family. It is her mother in-law that pushes her for further studies in order to become capable of knitting a better life for everybody. Here, she comes across a marriage proposal which is about to turn her life upside down once again..

Himani Shivpuri as Kalawati
Kalawati Played by Himani Shivpuri

Kalawati is the head of the Agarwal family, a widower who has lost her only son and is now left behind with the responsibility of looking after her daughter in-law, grandchild and her own two daughters. She is like a strong headed woman and not bound by stereotypes. She has a modern way of thinking and allows her daughter in-law to not sit back but do something useful in life. There’s a hidden side to her that makes her sway to the dance beats whenever music hits her, but she doesn’t want anyone else to know of this likeness. She wants her daughters to get settled in a well-established high profile house. She wants the best of everything for them so that they never suffer..

Abhishek Malik as Ranveer Mittal
Ranveer Mittal Played by Abhishek Malik

Ranveer is the male protagonist in the story. He is handsome, smart and the most eligible bachelor in town. He moved to Delhi at the age of 9, and has reached a point where he is compelled to shift back to Indore to pursue further studies. He is stubborn and a prankster and is loved the most by his grandmother, Maa Sa. He is down to earth and a positive person in life. Despite being rich he takes no pride in the privileges he has. He is not very religious and dislikes certain rituals but does them all to please his family. Initially when he meets Suman, he gets off on the wrong foot, but eventually the feelings change as his tayi ji builds a perspective in his mind about how an ideal bahu should be like. He has passion for cricket and aspired to become a cricketer once upon a time..

Tassnim Sheikh as Sindhura Mittal
Sindhura Mittal Played by Tassnim Sheikh

Sindhura is a woman with Beauty, Intelligence & Class! She is perfect in whatever she does. She is a perfect homemaker and very health conscious. She loves her family in Indore but likes her privacy too. So even if they live apart she makes sure to be as indulgent as possible. She attends social events and parties with her friends. She has a social image to uphold. She wants the best for her son Ranveer. She cannot compromise with perfection and standards. Despite her wishes Ranveer marries a girl from lower strata of society. This does not please her and she refuses to take interest in anything that this new bahu does to impress her. .