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Fatmagul - Episode 167 - January 11, 2017 - Full Episode

Esma narrates the tale of how she had gotten closer to Fatmagul and her family. Sukru starts to recover and as he is lying in the hospital, he thanks Kerim and Fatmagul for saving his life. Sukru pleads with Kerim and Fatmagul to forgive them and he agrees to do as they wish of him. Fatmagul asks him to treat them as his own and not just as neighbours with differences. Sukru agrees and makes it clear that their enemies will be his enemies too. Watch the entire episode of Fatmagul to know more.Set in the picturesque shoreline village of Ildir, along the Aegean coast of Turkey, the show Fatmagul based on a novel by Vedat Turkali, is the story of a beautiful and kind hearted girl, who lives a humble life with her brother and runs a dairy shop along with him. An unfortunate incident takes place in Fatmagul's life which shatters her dreams and makes her life take an unexpected turn. Fatmagul's story is a glimpse into the life of a simple Turkish girl who transforms from an obedient and subdued person into an independent and courageous woman ready to take on the world and fight for her rights.

Serial: Fatmagul
Telecast Date: 11th January 2017
Episode Number: 167
Available on: