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Fear Files - 2017 - Episode 6 - August 6, 2017 - Full Episode

Sarah wakes up after a horrifying dream where some ghostly figures ask her for help. Later, she gets a call from Kanhaiya, who informs Sarah that the tenants from her house have disappeared once again just like her previous tenant. Sarah is forced to leave her home and go back to the house that she has given on rent. There she learns that her tenants, Damini and her daughter, have diappeared. The police asks her to stay until the investigation concludes and Sarah is left with no option but to cooperate and stay in the same haunted house. Watch Fear Files to find out what horrors Sarah will face once she stays in the house.

Serial: Fear Files - 2017
Telecast Date: 6th August 2017
Episode Number: 6
Available on: