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Fear Files 2 - Episode 57 - November 7, 2015 - Full Episode

Kabir and Daisha, a newly married couple, prepare for their honeymoon and are hoping to have the time of their life. Kabir takes his wife to his friend's villa that is aptly named Alisha. On their way to the villa, the duo comes across a girl, who asks them to return and warns them against moving ahead. Paying absolutely no heed to this warning, the duo drive ahead and reach the villa. After meeting John, the newlywed couple checks into the room. Moments later, Daisha enters the washroom but is horrified when she senses an unknown presence. Later, when Kabir and Daisha engage in a romantic night, he fails to realize that she is no more the woman he loves but instead is possessed by the ghost that the villa is haunted by. Will Kabir manage to help his wife escape from the clutches of the evil ghost? Find out in this chilling episode of 'Fear Files'.

Serial: Fear Files - Har Mod Pe Darr
Telecast Date: 7th November 2015
Episode Number: 57
Available on: