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Fear Files July 21 Episode Video

Dhiraj Rawat and his family, who were staying at Los Angeles, come down to India to sell their hereditary mansion, which was at Vadodara. Dhiraj had to wait at Ahmedabad to finalize a deal and so his wife Gayatri and daughter Shashi we ahead to Vadodara. As Gayatri and Shashi start living in the haveli, Gayatri witnesses certain strange happenings which eventually lead to Shashi going missing. On investigating, she finds out that a certain room in the haveli is actually the place where female infants were brutally killed. The spirits of the kids want freedom and they seek Gayatri's help by kidnapping her Shashi.

Serial: Fear Files
Telecast Date: 21st July 2012
Episode Number: 12
Available on: