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Gini Zindabad - Episode 34 - March 27, 2016 - Full Episode

About the show

Zee Bangla is delighted to introduce to you the first ever 3D animation show in West Bengal - Gini Zindabad This is a story of an unlikely friendship between Jule, a little boy and Gini, a friendly spirit bound by a curse. Jule, the central character of the show, is happy-go-lucky by nature. Being a simpleton that he is, Jule is constantly bullied by his mates. His parents too, reprimand him for every mistake that he makes. Sad and lonely - Jule wishes for someone who could wipe out the problems from his life. While walking on desolate grounds he comes across Gini - a funny looking yet an utterly joyful character. This chance encounter changes Jule's life forever! Jule helps lift Gini's curse. In return, Gini is forever by Jule's side like a guardian angel. Eventually, Gini and Jule become the best of friends - livening each other's spirits up whenever needed.

Serial: Gini Zindabad
Telecast Date: Sun 9:30 AM
Episode Number: 34
Available on: