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Gruhalakshmi - Episode 560 - March 25, 2017 - Full Episode

About the show

No matter how strong the roots of a tree are the branches of it sways with the wind. The same applies to life. Irrespective of our planning, life becomes a topsy turvy journey, with an invisible superior power at play. Lakshmi is a simple girl who finished her degree from a small town and has entered the rich household of Bangalore as Raghav’s wife, a construction company owner. The happy couple have three children. Lakshmi's world revolves around her husband, children and her mother-in-law. She sees happiness in their smiles. After being brought up in a rural middle class background, educated in a Kannada medium school, she is constantly trying to adjust and adapt to her husband's elite class, her children’s English medium education, their love of English movies, entertainment, burgers & pizzas. She has enrolled herself in cooking, driving, spoken English classes to please her family. Lakshmi, who is happy in her world of family, finds herself bleeding from her nose only to be diagnosed with cancer. The report of Blood cancer shakes her entire existence. The doctor informs her, that it is untreatable much to her shock. What would a mother of three, loving wife and a dear daughter-in-law do in such situation? The story takes a surprise in every step taken by Lakshmi.

Serial: Gruhalakshmi
Telecast Date: Mon-Sat 6.30 PM
Episode Number: 560
Available on: