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Gruhapravesam - Episode 362 - October 15, 2018 - Webisode

About the show

It's a story of Vaidhehi who sacrifices her future by marrying a man 10 years older to her to save her family from debts and to treat her father’s illness. Sathyavathi is Vaidhehi’s step mother yet she is more than a mother who aspires for her better future. On the other hand Suryakantham and Chhayadevi are two sisters on the in-laws side who are constantly head on head with each other to get the property in their hands. Their mother-in-law writes in the will that the first grand son of the family will acquire the property. With two sons to either of them, the ladies are craving to get a grand son by all means. Chhayadevi's son Virinchi loves Vaidehi but Vaidehi gets married to Jayalalitha's elder son. Vaidhehi gets to know later that her husband is already married which was hidden by her mother-in-law as she desperately wants a male grand child. Being a girl with high moral values, how will Vaidhehi and Satyavathi react to the situation and on the injustice to the first wife. The attempts made by them to change the attitude of the mother-in-law forms the story.

Serial: Gruhapravesam
Telecast Date: Mon-Fri 2.00 PM
Episode Number: 362
Available on: