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Jamai Raja Bangla - Episode 344 - August 12, 2018 - Webisode

About the show

Basabdutta and Nilasha, the mother daughter duo are poles apart. While one is a consumerist, who believes that class and cash are all that matters. Daughter is the opposite. She not only hates rich people but also finds the wealth as futile and insensitive. Ambitious Basabdutta’s ever so busy schedule clashes head on with Nilasha, who is deprived of her mother’s attention, care, and love. To cope up, Nilasha, starts an NGO - a way out to rebuild and relive her childhood. But the NGO is bought off to build a hotel. Enter Aditya, the scion of the Chatterjee Group. He irritates and teases Basabdutta when they meet in a flight, but later fall in love. Now, it is war between an arrogant, rich, ambitious mother-in-law and her son-in-law, who is rich, carefree, humorous, yet sensitive.

Serial: Jamai Raja - Bangla
Telecast Date: Starts 5th June Mon-Fri 10.00 PM
Episode Number: 344
Available on: