Ravi Dubey as Siddharth Khurana
Siddharth Khurana Played by Ravi Dubey

Siddharth Khurana is the heir to the one of the Biggest and most Affluent Hotel businesses in the world. He is happy-go-lucky, charmer, optimistic and a devoted lover. Siddharth is Ultra Uber yet Ultra rooted, Elite yet Earthy. He is fun loving and knows to enjoy the smaller joys of life..

Nia Sharma as Roshni Patel
Roshni Patel Played by Nia Sharma

Roshni Patel is a modern, free spirited, fiesty, self-reliant, socially aware, kind and generous soul. However, she is at odds with her driven, and over ambitious mother. Roshni seeks love, friendship, and personal human relations. She wants to marry a middle class man and into his family to fulfill her desire for healthy family life full of genuine love and care and not the kind her mother gives her for social promotion..

Achint Kaur as Durgadevi Patel
Durgadevi Patel Played by Achint Kaur

Durgadevi Patel has seen and suffered a lot in life. Hers is a Rags to Riches story. She views middle class people as lazy and without drive and opportunists. Durgadevi or DD is very ambitious, aspirational and socially riveted. She loves Roshni but somewhere along the path has lost her human connection and thus is unable to bestow unrequited love and care on her daughter the way she might desire..

Apara Mehta as Nani
Nani Played by Apara Mehta

Nani is a fun loving character and is the bridge between Roshni and DD. She openly speaks her mind and is a balance between traditional and modern..

Darpan Shrivastava as Kesar Chacha
Kesar Chacha Played by Darpan Shrivastava

Kesar is a shrewd and bitter man. He is greedy for money and power hungry too. Kesar smooth talks DD but has a different agenda..

Tanaaz Irani as Resham Chachi
Resham Chachi Played by Tanaaz Irani

Resham is Kesar Chacha's wife. She is a village bumpkin - uncouth, rustic. She often has her foot in her mouth..

Deepti K as Mona Bua
Mona Bua Played by Deepti K

Mona is DD's elder sister-in-law. Her deceptive stance has a mute, submissive front. She is the wedge creator between mother and daughter but operates sneakily..

Sanjay Swaraj as Mr. Khurana
Mr. Khurana Played by Sanjay Swaraj

Mr. Khurana has the big bucks but also has a big heart. He is generous, kind and dotes on his family. He is like a buddy to his son. He is very romantic and witty too..

Shruti Ulfat as Mrs. Khurana
Mrs. Khurana Played by Shruti Ulfat

Mrs. Khurana is very filmy, romantic and loving person. She is also very humble and full of understanding..