Rajat Tokas as Akbar
Akbar Played by Rajat Tokas

Uneducated, unrefined... he was instilled by Bairam Khan, Humayun's commando to rule ruthlessly. He was ignorant about love & passion and unknown from care & concern. He eventually fell in love with Jodhaa, who transformed him into a compassionate human being. 'PRIDE' & 'VICTORY' overpowered his personality..

Paridhi Sharma as Jodhaa
Jodhaa Played by Paridhi Sharma

Jodhaa was from the royal family of Rajputs in Amer. A great singer, she was trained by her brother in war skills. Jodhaa stood for her sense of justice and self-respect. 'BRAVERY' & 'LOVE' were her valued jewels.

Ashvini Kalsekar as Maha Manga
Maha Manga Played by Ashvini Kalsekar

A sharp, astute, selfish woman who governed the life of Akbar, without whose permission no one was allowed inside the main coterie of the empire. 'DEFACTO RULER' of the kingdom. Ace politician who envisaged a grand role for her son, Adham Khan..

Chetan Hansraj as Adham Khan
Adham Khan Played by Chetan Hansraj

Physically stronger but always put down in comparison with Akbar. Tried hard to prove himself but failed against his mother's supremacy. Hatred prevailed and he joined hands with Sharfuddin to get his position as a Wazir..