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Jodha Akbar - Episode 177 - February 19, 2014 - Full Episode

Jalal Akbar is in a dilemma as to forgive Bakshi Banu or not. He tries to take advice from all his family members. All advice him to forgive Bakshi Banu. But Akbar decides to maintain his decision of not changing the laws for his sister as it will not set a good example for the members of the KIngdom. Jodha decides to try and convince Akbar for the last time. She explains to Akbar that the baby should not be punished. She tries to convince Akbar that Bakshi Banu is innocent and doesnt deserve to be treate as a criminal. Jodha leaves after asking Akbar to give a thought to it. Akbar goes to visit Bakshi Banu and decides to take her back to the Kingdom. Bakshi Banu has tears of joy and is extremely pleased with Jodha. Jodha Akbar is a sixteenth century love story about a political marriage of convenience saga between a Mughal emperor, Akbar, and a Rajput princess, Jodhaa. But much more then that it's the marriage of contrasts. Subscribe to the channel by clicking To watch more episodes from this show go to

Serial: Jodha Akbar
Telecast Date: 19th February 2014
Episode Number: 177
Available on: