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Joyee - Episode 382 - October 30, 2018 - Webisode

About the show

Joyee is the story of a fun-loving, full of innocence orphan village girl. She lives with her maternal uncle and aunt and is an avid football lover. Her dream is to become a Footballer. To break the barriers of social taboos she often disguises as a boy to get to play ball. As destiny plans differently she has to give in to her families demand and get married. There on starts a different game of life. Totally unaware about what is in store she proceeds towards another destination as her family gets her married off. Her in laws are extremely conservative and believes that a woman’s only job is to run a household and look after her husband. Her husband, extremely studious, almost a nerd of sorts is absolutely clueless about his wife’s likings for sport. To top it all the family has an aversion towards Football as a sport for an unknown reason. Joyee a sportsman at heart starts to use her football skills to dribble and dodge in reaching her destination as a wife and a family member in her new home. But once a lover of the game is always a lover. She brews within her, the craze to be a successful footballer someday. Will Joyee succeed?

Serial: Joyee
Telecast Date: Mon-Sun 6.00 PM
Episode Number: 382
Available on: