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Kaala Teeka - Episode 387 - March 20, 2017 - Full Episode

Badki demands to know where Naina is and raises a sickle to threaten Thakur. Just then, Naina reaches the scene and slaps Badki for misbehaving with her husband. Everyone around her including Badki is shocked to hear Naina addressing Thakur as her husband. Badki assumes that Thakur might have done something to Naina to cause her to behave this way. In her anger, she pushes Thakur towards a bamboo and Thakur injures himself. Seeing this, Naina gets furious and orders Badki to apologize to Thakur by touching his feet. Watch Kala Teeka to know more.

Serial: Kaala Teeka
Telecast Date: 20th March 2017
Episode Number: 387
Available on: