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Khulata Kali Khulena - Episode 154 - January 10, 2017 - Full Episode

Saleel Pandit informs his mother that he likes Mansi and doesn't want to meet any other girl. Mansi tells her grandparents that if Monika further interfers in her personal life, then she will remain single through out her life. In hospital Mansi receives a flower boquet and a greeting card with poetry written on it from Saleel Pandit. Vikrant mocks Mansi on seeing the boquet and tells her that she should get married soon because she is growing old. Later Nirmala informs Vikrant and Mansi that she going out of town to attend meetings for few days and transfers all the responsibilities of the hospital to Mansi and orders Vikrant to follow the schedule strictly. Watch the engrossing episode of 'Khulata Kali Khulena' to know what happens ahead.

Serial: Khulata Kali Khulena
Telecast Date: 10th January 2017
Episode Number: 154
Available on: