Kuzey Guney Season 2 - Episode 80 - Aug 12, 2017 - Full Episode

At the police station, Guney meets Banu and Ebru. Banu gets paranoid seeing him while Ebru accuses him of trying to involve Baris in some sort of Crime. But Guney tells her that Baris is now the prime suspect in Sumer Tezkan’s murder. Ebru now understands the burning of the rag at Bari’s fireplace. Kuzey is proved not guilty and released. Banu and Ebru are questioned further about the cufflinks to which they say they were gifted to Guney and Banu further agrees to the fact that Guney had lost them somewhere. Guney also tells the police about losing them. Kuzey gets angry on this fact and goes in search of Baris at his place. But he finds Simay held captive there. He takes her to the hospital and saves her. Later, Kuzey, Cemre and Gulten go for a vacation.

Serial: Kuzey Guney Season 2
Telecast Date: 12th August 2017
Episode Number: 80
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