Kivanc Tatlitug as Kuzey
Kuzey Played by Kivanc Tatlitug

Kuzey was raised as a lazy street kid. He is extremely reckless and aggressive. He believes that actions speaks louder than words and is therefore known to get in to fist fights in order to resolve matters. Kuzey loves Cemre and wishes to be with her one day..

Bugra Gulsoy as Guney
Guney Played by Bugra Gulsoy

Guney’s personality is completely opposite to that of his brother Kuzey. Guney is calm, patient and very well educated. He aspires to become an extremely successful person. He knows the value of money and loves to maintain good relationships with people. Cemre has been the love of his life since high school and wishes to marry her..

Oyku Karayel as Cemre
Cemre Played by Oyku Karayel

Cemre is the only daughter to her parents who are now separated. She is ambitious and dreams to live the life of a rich person. As she moves to the neighborhood where Kuzey and Guney live, she shortly discovers that both brothers love her. She chooses Guney as she thinks he is the one who can fulfil her ambitions..