Kuzey Guney - Episode 16 - January 5, 2017 - Full Episode

The doctor meets Kuzey and tells him that he needs to take care of himself otherwise he would lose his life. Kuzey's mother informs the doctor about Kuzey's activities and his alcohol abuse. The doctor asks Kuzey to stop his boxing and alcohol abuse and focus on his strict healthy diet. Watch 'Kuzey Guney' to know what happens ahead.Kuzey Guney is the story of two brothers. While Kuzey is bold, fearless and spontaneous, Guney is calm, patient and doesn't act without thinking. The only common link between the two is their love for Cemre. The story is a roller coaster ride of emotions as the relationship between the two brothers is strained continuously due to numerous circumstances. The bond of blood is not the only thing that binds the two brothers together. They share a dark secret which no one else knows. Will this secret affect their relationship forever?

Serial: Kuzey Guney
Telecast Date: 5th January 2017
Episode Number: 16
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