Birce Akalay as Sinem
Sinem Played by Birce Akalay

She is a pretty and a smart girl. She is unaware of the attention she gets from others. Sinem is a responsible and reliable person, both in personal and as well as professional affairs. She has a pure soul and a a caring heart. High on emotional quotient, her heart rules her head. She is a good manager, who balances her personal and professional roles and responsibilities quite well..

Sarp-Levendoğlu as Ali
Ali Played by Sarp-Levendoğlu

He is a good looking, presentable and a successful individual. Emotions and care are ingrained in him. He is patient but can be impulsive at times and takes decisions without giving it much thought. He is a loving father and is dedicated towards his work..

Emir-Berke-Zincidi as Mehmat Can
Mehmat Can Played by Emir-Berke-Zincidi

Six years old Mehmet Can, is a naughty mischievous boy. Very emotional and loving, his thoughts describe his innocence but actions reveal his happy-go lucky side. An optimist and caring kid, who thinks well about the people around him. He is extremely naughty but genuinely cares for everyone around him and is determined to unite his estranged parents..

Zeki Alasya as Mehmat Aga
Mehmat Aga Played by Zeki Alasya

He is like a coconut, hard on the outside but a soft-hearted person on the inside. He is arrogant and enjoys his power as the Aga of Urfa. Caring, emotional and being stubborn describe him. He hides his emotions but cares deep for the people he loves. He is caring individual with a strong will. .