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Little Lord - Episode 86 - January 10, 2017 - Full Episode

Ali enters the operation theater where Sanem is busy with an operation. After giving her the good news, he asks her to arrive home early, so that they can celebrate with the kids. That night, Sanem, Ali and the kids spend time together. Meanwhile, Maho is hopeful that Hamiyath had been missing him but Hamiyath makes it clear to Maho that he had been under an assumption and this angers Maho. Ali later returns the loan to the bank and even pays the interest. Watch Little Lord to know how Ali will rebuild his life and status in the business world.Little Lord is an endearing tale of a six year old boy Mehmet who tries to unite his ever fighting parents by his naive acts at school and at home. Being a six year old, he is naughty and has a penchant for getting into trouble. However, his neurologist mother Sanem and his hotshot ad-man father, Ali, are too preoccupied with their professional ambitions to appreciate Mehmet's mischievous ways and they decide to part ways. The series follows the adorable antics of six year old Mehmet who tries to tackle the negativity around him with a child's mind. Mehmet's innocent attempts to bring his parents together result in heart-melting moments that make you feel for him. Through it's light-hearted and warm treatment the series re-emphasizes the importance of family.

Serial: Little Lord
Telecast Date: 10th January 2017
Episode Number: 86
Available on: