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Mahadevi - Episode 801 - September 21, 2018 - Webisode

About the show

Do you believe in God? We guess the answer is yes. But what would you do if the Goddess you don't believe in, comes down to earth to spread love in your heart? Mahadevi is an enthralling and electric saga of mystery, devotion and magic. Meet Tripura Sundari, a typical village girl, who works at the temple, cleaning and decorating the Goddess's abode. Her entire family depends on the temple for their livelihood. However, Sundari doesn't like her namesake Goddess. She refuses to accept her as a Goddess. This angers a lot of people around her including her family. She is a rebel who never misses a chance to speak against the injustice happening around her, especially in the temple and always, it not only lands her in trouble, but also her family. Sundari's disbelief towards the Goddess goes deeper to her past incarnation as the Princess Rajeshwari, a great devotee of the Goddess. Rajeshwari is haunted by three devious men who are in pursuit of Shri Chakra, a powerful object of divinity. Rajeshwari loses her life in the sanctum of the Goddess's shrine and promises never to worship the Goddess. Life comes to a full circle and Sundari is the only person standing between the three bad men and the Shri Chakra. Will the Mother Goddess protect her child? Will Sundari accept her destiny and the Goddess?

Serial: Mahadevi
Telecast Date: Mon-Fri 8:30 PM
Episode Number: 801
Available on: