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Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuyien Sep 22 Episode Video

Ria feels guilty not only for hiding the truth from Bindeshwari but also for breaking her trust.Ria is unaware that Aditya has returned home from office. Aditya believes that because of Bindeshwari's punishment, Ria was forced to starve all through the day and expresses his concern for her. The moment Aditya draws Ria's attention towards him, she is left astonished to see him.Satyadev expresses his happiness to Bindeshwari for accepting the gifts, which came from the Tyagi residence. He requests Bindeshwari to forgive Ria and allow her to consume her meal. Bindeshwari agrees and decides to inform Ria about it.Kartik believes that if Lovely follows Bindeshwari's rules, his sisters-in-law will not get into a problem. The moment Lovely inadvertently mentions that she gave food to Ria at her maternal home, Kartik panics.Kartik gets shocked when he notices that Bindeshwari had entered their room. When Bindeshwari enquires about their conversation, Kartik smartly handles it.Unable to conceal the truth, Ria reveals to her sisters-in-law that Lovely and her parents compelled her to dine. Ria and her sisters-in-law are shocked when Bindeshwari, who heard their conversation, asks them to gather in the drawing room.Ria feels guilty when Bindeshwari announces in front of the family that Ria had consumed her meal at the Tyagi residence. Lovely clarifies that Ria ate the meal only because her parents compelled her.Bindeshwari decides to punish Lovely and announces that she will have to complete Ria's pending household chores for the day. She also asks her to pick up all the household responsibilities from her sisters-in-law as soon as possible.Lovely takes up Ria's work. She keeps feeling miserable for Ria all throughout.Dai Ma calls up Lovely and enquires with her as to why she did not consume her meal properly while she was at the Tyagi residence. Lovely lies to Dai Ma and ends the conversation. Dai Ma realizes that Lovely was lying to her.Lovely prays to God to give her the strength to complete all her tasks. She decides to punish herself by skipping her meal and consuming food only the following day.

Serial: Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuyien
Telecast Date: 22nd September 2011
Episode Number: 58
Available on: